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Inverclyde’s Unsafe Schools?

I was totally unsurprised to learn that Inverclyde Council’s corrupt leader Stephen McCabe had used the same dodgy PFI company to build Inverclyde’s schools that built the now infamous Edinburgh ones.

Remember, it was his incompetent leadership that got Inverclyde residents saddled with a massive debt to pay for these schools (clicky). A debt many times larger than if we’d simply borrowed the money straight from a bank and built the schools ourselves. So not only do we (Inverclyde public) not actually own our schools, we will still have to pay for them for a long time to come at vastly inflated cost, and we’re having austerity forced on us via Stephen McCabe’s insidious council spending cuts in order to find the money to pay for his disastrous school building projects.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the schools might actually be unsafe for our kids to be in!

It’s hard to think of anyone who has caused more damage to Inverclyde than Stephen McCabe.

The guy is a total liability.

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