About Me

I was the host of a local Inverclyde radio show “The Voice of Scottish Socialism“, a semi-frequent show on the now defunct Inverclyde Radio which discussed some of the moment’s pressing political issues in Inverclyde and beyond.

In the past I was the Inverclyde Branch Convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party and I’m still a committed leftie, so naturally I blog about socialism and Inverclyde politics. I also have an interest in international politics: I work in Russia and some of its neighbouring countries where I’ve taken an active role in left wing activism.

You will also notice a few blogs here which stray into political philosophy. I have a 1st in Philosophy from Stirling University, and an MLitt from Glasgow. My PhD examines Soviet era Russian philosophy (a work in progress, I will defend my thesis eventually although as I have no interest in an academic career this is pretty far down my list of priorities right now!).

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