Table of Contents*, by category.

Book Reviews:

The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys

Marxism and Feminism, by Shahrzad Mojab (ed)


China and the “End of History”

China puts “People First”

China is committed to Marxism

China and Women’s Rights

Taiwanese February Uprising of 1947

The Chinese “English Name” Culture


Chinese netizens shock and anger at “callous” UK government.

Tomb Sweeping with Covid-19

Covid-19, Conspiracy Theories and Cold Wars

Inverclyde Politics:

Inverclyde’s Unsafe Schools?

John MacLean and Inverclyde

Meandering through Fuel Poverty, via Yugoslavia and the USSR

On Austerity, “Trickle-Up” economics and the ever lovely Cllr McCabe

The Arts and Austerity


On Depression and Trains

Political Philosophy

On Arguing About Racism

Marxism, the Proletariat and the Working Class

Socialist Language (updated version)


The True Character of the Russian People

Soviet Burns

Scottish Politics

On Being a Stale Pale Male

The Youth Fetish of the Left

Socialism for a Modern Scotland

The Problem of corrupt Labour MPs

Unionist and Government Media Bias

Krushchev’s Lesson

Rethinking Public Ownership


The Chinese Economic Model

My Covid-19 Story

Covid-19 and Journalism

World Politics:

Sacco and Vanzetti

Some thoughts on Xmas in Kazakhstan

*many articles appear in more than one category, but I’ve only listed them under their main one here