Britain’s Left is boiling up at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and I am very excited

A compelling read from a Labour insider about the attempted coup against Corbyn. The left inside and outside of Labour, for the sake of the working class majority of the UK, must unite behind Corbyn.

Socialist Voice ☭

Labour is officially in civil war. Blairites and their cohorts have carried out their threatened coup against Jeremy Corbyn and he will now have a leadership challenge after losing a vote of no confidence.

40 MPs backed Corbyn and 172 traitors voted against him. This has caused widespread anger and militancy in and outside of Labour. Grassroots MPs and supporters are furious and disappointed; trade unions are now in fighting mode; Momentum is to organise and manage Corbyn’s leadership campaign and hold demonstrations outside Labour MPs’ constituency offices, but most interestingly the SNP has come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn while Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale calls for him to resign. She has effectively committed political suicide and Scottish Labour’s support will undoubtedly recede further to the advantage of the SNP. Well done, Kezia; you really do know how to make friends and influence people.

Corbyn is now being…

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For a guaranteed 16 hour working week

While a lot of the talk yesterday was about a fairly ambiguous motion on the relationship between the SSP and RISE, in my opinion of much more importance were some of the other motions being debated. In the linked article, Richie Venton talks about one potentially groundbreaking motion which was passed by conference.

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No tactic is too low for Scotrail as they mount their attacks on workers.
Richie Venton, Scottish Socialist Party TU Organiser, wrote about their scab army on Saturday.

Dutch-owned Abellio, who run Scotrail services for profit, have been caught red-handed coercing and conscripting an army of scabs to defeat industrial action by guards/conductors that are trying to defend public health and safety from these cost-cutting butchers.

Read Richie’s full article here.

Notes on the Colonisation of Scotland

Random Public Journal

Continuing from the previous article supporting the case that genocide was perpetrate in Scotland, this article addresses the question of the English colonisation of Scotland. Beginning with definitions it advances into historic and present examples.

Previously, in our discussion on The Scottish Genocide, we set out the legal and historical definition of genocide and laid out the case that the Highland and Lowland Clearances in Scotland were indeed acts of genocide perpetrated against the Scots Gaelic and Lallans populations. It was concluded that only through the lens of a highly distorted and reductionist understanding of the crime of genocide can it be argued that these people were not in fact the victims of a racially and ethnically motivated systematic genocidal programme throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Now we must turn to the question of responsibility. It is true, as much the criticism of the original article…

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